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Powerflushing in Wolverhampton & Walsall

If your central heating isn't working as well as it previously did, it might be time for a power flush. Cleaning your central heating system every 5-10 years is crucial. Sludge will build up in your radiators over time, lowering the performance of your heating system. To get a quote right away, give us a call at 01902 239130 or fill out our contact form.

What exactly is a power flush and how does it work? 

A power flush is a quick and easy way to keep your central heating system in good shape and running as efficiently as it did when it was first installed. Debris, rust, black water, and other substances accumulate inside your system's pipes over time, making it work harder than it needs to. 

That's why a power flush injects a high-velocity jet of water (with cleaning chemicals) into your central heating system, allowing it to flush out the debris. A power flush can extend the life of your heating system, so call us immediately to schedule your power flush in Wolverhampton or Walsall!

Symptoms that indicate you need a Power Flush  

Here are a few signs that you should get your central heating system power flushed by a professional: 

  • Your boiler makes strange noises (banging, gurgling, kettling)  
  • Your boiler shuts down before it has heated your water or house.  
  • Cold spots persist even after bleeding your radiator (a sign that build up is stopping the circulation) 
  • It is possible to magnetise copper pipes (a sign that rust has built up internally) 

Have you seen any of the following danger flags on your central heating system? If this is the case, please use the button below to call one of our heating engineers.

Need a Power-flush in Wolverhampton or Walsall?

A power flush is the most effective way to keep your central heating system running as efficiently as possible for as long as possible. We provide boiler servicing throughout Wolverhampton and Walsall. 

To speak with one of our heating engineers, call 01902 239130. You can also use the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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